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About TIGP-ESS International Internship Program(ESS-IIP)

The TIGP-ESS Program is pleased to announce that we start to accept applications to our 2023 International Internship Program in May 2023. 
We are offering Fall internships to motivated graduate students from overseas universities who have an interest in pursuing Earth System Sciences and would like to do short-term research and academic exchange with the researchers at TIGP-ESS. This content knowledge, coupled with hands-on learning, allows the intern to gain experience in authentic earth system sciences research through working with PIs.


The ESS-IIP welcomes applications from overseas candidates of the following status:
  1. Students pursuing a Master's degree and holding a B.S. degree.
  2.  Individuals holding a Master's degree (student's pursuing a PhD degree are not eligible for this category)
  3. Students/ Individuals who have attended TIGP-IIP program before are not eligible to apply again.
  4. Those who are currently employed or research assistants at Academia Sinica are not eligible for the ESS-IIP program.

Internship Period

The internship period can be discussed between the hosting PI and the applicant. Generally speaking, the internship will last for 2 months during September to November.

Application Time

Application opens: May 1st , 2023
The deadline to submit applications: June 1st , 2023
Announcement of Results: First week of July

All participating interns must agree to the following regulations and obligations:

  • Obligations of the Interns.
  • For laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), please click the following website:
  • Academia Sinica Regulations for Ownership and Utilization of Scientific and Technological Research and Development Achievements.
  • Research Ethics.

How to apply

Applicants have to select a lab and earn agreement from the hosting PI of TIFP-ESS faculty in Academia Sinica first. Students need to estimate how much time is required to apply for visa to arrive in Taiwan and then confirm the time of participation with the hosting PI. TIGP-ESS will release 4 internship vacancies this year. The cost of internship (living allowance & airfare) will be covered by the hosting PI from his/ her own project funding and funding from the host institute and research center.
The applicant has to send the required application materials, combined into one PDF, to Ms. Anne Chiu at who will send the following required application materials to the Program Affairs Committee of TIGP-ESS for review. 
  1. Applicant’s CV.
  2. Academic Transcripts.
  3. Statement of purpose.
  4. Two letters of recommendation
    Note: The referee can directly send the letter to Ms. Anne Chiu at
  5. Any supporting materials or awards which are helpful to the application.

Financial Support

The host institute, research center and the hosting PI will together offer NTD 30,000/month- (~USD 1,000) stipend before tax for two months. (TIGP-ESS will provide a monthly stipend of NTD 20,000/months and the sponsoring faculty will provide additional monthly stipend of NTD 10,000/ month).

In addition, half of the cheapest round-way airfare at economy class of the batch (max. NTD 15,000) will be provided to participating interns upon completion of the training program.

Note : Stipends will be given after the 15th of every month in cash. Airfare will be reimbursed only upon successful completion of the internship. (Please check the airfare comparison websites before you purchase the ticket.) Only the cheapest routes will be reimbursed. If the interns are from same location in the same batch, only the cheapest airfare price will be reimbursed. The amount of airfare reimbursement will be made according to Academia Sinica’s regulation. The airfare reimbursement will be given 1 week before the internship end.


On-campus/ Off-campus accommodation will be helped to arrange by the TIGP office if the interns work in AS and the students will need to pay for the cost. Application for AS accommodation should be submitted to the Dormitory Administrator Ms. Connie Chuang at after the evaluation result is announced.
Some hosting PIs work in a different city from Taipei, where Academia Sinica is located. In this situation, the off-campus accommodation will be arranged by the hosting PI. Please take this into consideration when selecting a hosting PI.
Note : TIGP office will not provide any pick up service from airport to Academia Sinica/ University to the selected interns, only the transportation information will be provided. Please make sure you are able to travel alone before you start application.