Students' Publications

Thi-Duyen Tran Plate tectonics in action in the Mesoarchean: Implication from the Olondo greenstone belt on the Aldan Shield of Siberian Craton 2023
Nguyen Cong Nghia On the development of region and site-specific ground motion prediction model for the region of I-lan, Taiwan 2023
Yonatan Garkebo Evaluation of geological model uncertainty caused by data sufficiency using groundwater flow and land subsidence modeling as example 2022
Yi-Xian Li How Close Are Leading Tropical Tropospheric Temperature Perturbations to Those under Convective Quasi Equilibrium? 2022
Yonatan Garkebo Areview of open software resources in python for electrical resistivity modelling 2022
Wan-Hsuan Cheng New index of functional specificity to predict the redundancy of ecosystem functions in microbial communities 2022
Nguyen Cong Nghia Characteristics of earthquake source and ground motions in Northern Vietnam investigated through the 2020 Moc Chau M5. 0 earthquake sequence. 2022
Nguyen Cong Nghia Automatic earthquake detection and phase picking in Muong Te, Lai Chau region: an application of machine learning in observational seismology in Vietnam 2022
Mohammed Abdul Athick AS Comprehensive Analysis of Ocean Current and Sea Surface Temperature Trend under Global Warming Hiatus of Kuroshio Extent Delineated Using a Combination of Spatial Domain Filters 2022
Yonatan Garkebo Using Time-Lapse Resistivity Imaging Methods to Quantitatively Evaluate the Potential of Groundwater Reservoirs 2022
Yu-Hsin Hsueh Isotopic assessment of soil N2O emission from a sub-tropical agricultural soil under varying N-inputs 2022
Yoseph Arba Orke Impact of Climate Change on Hydrometeorology and Droughts in the Bilate Watershed, Ethiopia. 2022
Mohammed Abdul Athick AS The Trend of SST, SSS, Ocean Current, and Comparison of Kuroshio Strength to Weather Events in Taiwan. 2022
Mohammed Abdul Athick AS A Combination of Spatial Domain Filters to Detect Surface Ocean Current from Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data. 2022
Minh Nguyen  Assessment of long-term ground subsidence and groundwater depletion in Hanoi, Vietnam 2022