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Stipend Regulation

The regulation of Academia Sinica
Fellowship Support and Stipends 

  1. Student’s stipend level is set at NT$40,000/month  (NT$34,000 tax-free + NT$6,000 before tax)for the first year.
  2. Starting from the second academic year, the student’s monthly stipend will be determined based on his/her academic and/or research performance. Advisors evaluate students’ performance and suggest the stipend level every Academic year in July to the Student Affair Committee. In case of stipend reduction, the advisor needs to provide reasons for reduction. Students who have not decided their advisor will be interviewed and reviewed by chair of Student Affair Committee. If students do not reach an average grade of 80 or 75, the Student Affair Committee may suggest reducing the stipend to NT$31,000/month or NT$28,000/month, respectively.
  3. The Student Affair Committee will decide the student’s stipend level for the following semester according to the suggestions of advisors and chair of Student Affair Committee. The stipend of NT$40,000/month will be given only to those students who perform up to par.
  4. Students who change the thesis advisor during the semester will receive the same amount of stipend decided by the Student Affair Committee until the next review.
  5. The regulation comes in force after approval by the program’s Curriculum Committee, likewise for the revision.