18th TIGP Certificate Conferral Ceremony

  • Event Date: 2023-12-06
  • Speaker:  /  Host:

Dear Graduates of the TIGP in Earth System Science in 2023,

Congratulations on achieving outstanding success in this lengthy learning journey and successfully completing the Earth System Science program. This is an incredible moment, symbolizing your pursuit of knowledge, passion for science, and the boundless possibilities for the future.

At this juncture, we not only celebrate your academic accomplishments but also express gratitude for your contributions to Earth System Science. Your research, experiments, and hard work will bring new insights to the field of Earth science, helping us better understand and address changes in the Earth system.

This graduation marks a turning point and signifies a new beginning. As you embark on your upcoming careers, you will have the opportunity to influence global environmental, climatic, and sustainable issues. Remember what you have learned and translate that knowledge into practical actions, becoming leaders in addressing the challenges facing our planet.

While we are in an era full of challenges, it is also a time filled with hope and opportunities. As graduates of the Earth System Science program, you have unique roles and responsibilities. Face the future with courage, march forward boldly, as your efforts will not only impact your own lives but will also profoundly influence the entire global community.

Wishing you continued success on your future paths, and may you continue to explore, discover, and contribute with boundless enthusiasm and wisdom, creating a brighter future for our shared Earth.

Congratulations once again on your graduation, and may your futures be as brilliant as the dawn!