How much tuition and credit fee do I need to pay?

Payments of tuition fees are due upon registration each semester. Academia Sinica will partially subsidize the tuition fees and credit fees for TIGP international students.

Take year of 2022 for example, after subsidizing, TIGP students in NCU should pay basic tuition fees about NT$ 12,850, and the credit fees is NT$1,570 per credit. For TIGP students in NTU, the amount of is about NT$28,890 including the basic tuition fees and all credit fees.

The subsidy will take effect only for 5 consecutive years from the first registration year. If students apply for suspension anytime during those 5 years, the subsidy cannot be delayed for later use.

Student are asked to purchase the private health insurance for the first semester (6-months length), it costs around NT$3,500. National Health Insurance fee will be charged starting from 2024 spring semester. The NHI fee is NT$826 per month.